first post!

hey so im just trying this out for the first time. the main thing that i am going to be talking about is nail polish… surprise! im not really an expert on this topic, but i do paint my nails about every three days, and i own a lot of nail polish, so im hoping that i can provide some insight.

the brand that i use primarily is opi, but for the purposes of this blog i think i will try out some other brands and see how they compare.. i mean who knows? maybe ive been using a sub-par brand this whole time? based on my reading of other blogs, I want to try out essie, china glaze, and zoya, but let me know if there are some other brands out there that i am missing out on!

so anyways.. right now i am wearing “you don’t know jacques!” which is from the france collection. i have gotten a lot of complements on it recently. people seem to think that it is an unexpected nail polish color, as it is in the taupe (grey-brown) family and comes off as a smooth charcoal don't know jacques!Sorry that the picture is so small, but i feel as though it is a pretty accurate representation of the color.

anyways, i think that is it for today.. happy polishing!


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  1. decibelblog replied:

    Wow this is really cool! Congrats on your first post. Good luck getting things going!

    ~ C.H.
    Find everything you need to know about music at the new Decibel Music Blog.

  2. cowboyqt replied:

    LOVE “You Don’t Know Jacques” with all of my heart….great one for your first post!
    Sassy Gal

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