elephantastic pink

elephantastic pinkI love love love this color! it is a hot carnation pink from the india collection -spring/summer 2008- and it is so fun! it has a creme finish and sort of reminds me of a barbie doll. i tried it out for the first time this summer, and then later when i was looking to round out my nail polish collection i bought the whole bottle!

also of note, i recently bought some new nail polish remover. it is cutex twist & lock pump. it is so cool! you twist the cap and then you can pump the nail polish out, instead of having to flip around a nail polish remover bottle. i would highly recommend it, but i should worn you it is a little pricey. i plan on just refilling it with remover from a regular bottle once it is empty.

anyways that is it for now! hope you enjoy the super bowl!


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  1. Jen replied:

    This is one of my fave colors. I rarely repeat nail colors. I want to put this on right now though! PS your nails are cute. 🙂

  2. nailpolish12 replied:

    thanks jen! it is such a fun color. i was super bummed when it started peeling.

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