strawberry margarita, vendetta, and turned up turquoise

hey everyone! i havent written for a while since it has been a busy week. so now i have three polishes that i want to tell you about.

The first is strawberry margarita from the opi mexico collection in spring/summer 2006. it is a nice springy pink.. the picture doesn’t really represent it that well, but it is a nice color.

strawberry margarita

also, i just painted my nails turned up turquoise from china glaze. i really like it. it is neon and changes from the green color pictured, to more of a blue-green in different lighting. a lot of people have complimented me on it, but i dont think i could wear it very frequently.

turned up turquoise

finally, i had painted my nails vendetta before the turquoise. vendetta is a new color for spring 09 from chanel. it was a pretty big let down. it cost about 3x as much as my china glaze or opi polishes, and though it had a good consistency, i found the brush difficult to use and the color was pretty average.. basically what all the other brands have been doing all winter. the plus was i felt fashiony saying that i was wearing chanel, but i wouldnt advise you to run out and buy it.


anyway, thats all i have for now. happy polishing!


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