do you lilac it?

so as much as i loved elephantastic pink, it unfortunately started peeling off my thumb nails! i think it is because i eat a lot of citrus fruits and my nails might suffer from having to peel them so much. so anyway, i figured it was time for me to repaint. i chose “do you lilac it?” from the brights collection. i like it, but it isnt the most exciting color.. fun name though! it has no shimmer but it is a flattering shade of purple. i recommend it if you are looking for a lilac.

do you lilac it?

in other news, opi south beach collection spring/summer 2009 COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!

south beach collection

i looked at some other pictures of these and on my wish list are:

sand in my suit

miami beet

overexposed in south beach

clubbing til sunrise OR bronzed to perfection

ill be sure to update you with what i get! happy polishing!


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elephantastic pink

elephantastic pinkI love love love this color! it is a hot carnation pink from the india collection -spring/summer 2008- and it is so fun! it has a creme finish and sort of reminds me of a barbie doll. i tried it out for the first time this summer, and then later when i was looking to round out my nail polish collection i bought the whole bottle!

also of note, i recently bought some new nail polish remover. it is cutex twist & lock pump. it is so cool! you twist the cap and then you can pump the nail polish out, instead of having to flip around a nail polish remover bottle. i would highly recommend it, but i should worn you it is a little pricey. i plan on just refilling it with remover from a regular bottle once it is empty.

anyways that is it for now! hope you enjoy the super bowl!

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nail facts!

so i am totally plagiarizing this, but i found this stuff interesting!

nail facts:

  1. nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter
  2. men’s nails grow faster than women’s (except during pregnancy)
  3. the nails on the hand you write with grow faster
  4. the longer the finger, the faster your nail grows
  5. after an illness, your nail growth increases
  6. malnutrition, crash dieting or eating disorders can affect your nails
  7. your nail growth rate is affected by condition, hormone imbalance and aging
  8. nail disorders make up about 10% of all skin conditions
  9. the condition and color of your nails may indicate an underlying condition/illness, so it is important to remove nail polish and check your nails periodically

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skinny dip’n in lake michg’n

i am so glad i got this color! i needed a nude colored polish and though this color isnt that super exciting, it takes what would be a “blah” color and spices it up with a fun shimmer.skinny dip'n in lake michg'nthis neutral tone is a great alternative to the brights and darks that are popular right now. my only tip for choosing a nude color is to check out the color in the bottle and make sure it wont look weird with your skin tone.

“skinny dip’n in lake michg’n” is from the chicago collection for fall/winter of 2005. other noteworthy colors from this collection include “lincoln park after dark” a flattering dark purple (only one coat please!) and “mrs. o’leary’s bbq” a saucy molasses colored polish.

that is it for now; thanks for reading!

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affair in red square

hi everybody! it has been a while since i updated, but ive been trying to hold off repainting my nails since apparently its unhealthy to paint so often. but when i do repaint i think its either going to be a bright red (monsooner or later) or a nude (skinny dip’n in lake michig’n). let me know which one you think i should do/you want to see!

anyway, a friend sent me a picture of her nails. she is wearing “affair in red square” from the russian collection (fall/winter 2007). it is described as a shimmering red and comes off near the middle of the red scale (not too orangey-bright, not too dark-maroon). its a good choice if you are going for that classic red color but with an extra shimmer.

affair in red squaresorry the picture is backwards. i think that is because it was taken with a computer camera.

anyway, hope all is well with you! happy polishing!

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