flawless and miami beet

it’s been a while, so i thought i would update you on my nails of the past week. i started off with flawless by essie. it is a light pink that is similar to, but a little bit dustier than pinking of you by opi. it is in their new spring collection for 2009. i only have a mini bottle of it, and while it is a nice pink, i dont think i will be buying a bigger bottle.


the next polish i used was aqua baby by china glaze. unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of it, but it is still on my toes, so i will try to put one up later. i also didnt take a picture of monsooner or later, which i wore for a day or two this week. it is a bright red from the opi india collection. i had some blue still on my nails, so it looked a little gross.

yesterday i painted my nails miami beet, which is new from the opi south beach collection. i like it a lot a lot a lot. and the name is funny. beat, beet. get it? haha. anyways, i would highly recommend it. in the bottle it looks similar to over exposed on south beach, so i want to compare them at some point.

miami beet

oh and i got some on my cuticles, so sorry that looks weird.

anyways, i hope this weeks been good for you and your nails! happy polishing!


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