ds – passion

i FINALLY found them: the designer collection! there were only five or six bottles left in the store, but i had to have one. i really dont understand why ulta isnt better stocked with them. anyway, so i picked out this one. it is a medium red-pink that has holographic diamond dust in it.

designer series passion

the picture doesnt really capture how awesome it is.

also at ulta, i purchased a whopping 13 other nail polishes! (1/2 are just mini bottles – dont worry). i got: sand in my suit, bronzed to perfection, and miami beet from the new south beach collection. also from that collection i got the teeny bikini mini bottles, which includes suzi and the lifeguard, over exposed on south beach, and done out in deco, as well as the rapid dry top coat. i also got the mini bottles for the spring essie collection and 2 china glazes that i am looking forward to using. then yesterday i splurged on a channel polish. i think this might become an issue… new resolution: no new polish until i have used all my other ones at least once.


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affair in red square

hi everybody! it has been a while since i updated, but ive been trying to hold off repainting my nails since apparently its unhealthy to paint so often. but when i do repaint i think its either going to be a bright red (monsooner or later) or a nude (skinny dip’n in lake michig’n). let me know which one you think i should do/you want to see!

anyway, a friend sent me a picture of her nails. she is wearing “affair in red square” from the russian collection (fall/winter 2007). it is described as a shimmering red and comes off near the middle of the red scale (not too orangey-bright, not too dark-maroon). its a good choice if you are going for that classic red color but with an extra shimmer.

affair in red squaresorry the picture is backwards. i think that is because it was taken with a computer camera.

anyway, hope all is well with you! happy polishing!

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